Who/Whom Practice

Who is the nominative case of the pronoun.  It is used as a subject or a predicate noun in a sentence.

Whom is the objective case of the pronoun.  It is used as a direct object, indirect object or object of the preposition.

If you just look at the sentence you have, you will see whether the pronoun who or whom should be used by the position it is in in the sentence.  Another way to decide is to change the question to a statement and substitute he/she or we/they for who and him/her or us/them for whom?

Exercise Directions: Try these sentences.  Underline or write down your choices.

1. (Who, Whom) did Jamie photograph for this month's issue?  (Remember to change questions to statements in order to find subject.)

2. (Who, Whom) develops the film?

3. (Who, Whom) called a meeting for this morning?

4. (Who, Whom) have you told about the meeting?

5. (Who, Whom) has a good idea for next month's issue?

6. In that book, (who, whom) is the main character?

7. (Who, Whom) does Paul like the best in that movie?

8. (Who, Whom) should I ask to the dance?

9. (Who, Whom) did Peter meet at the airport?

10. To (who, whom) did Gina give the award?


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