Kinds (Function) of Prepositional Phrase Recognition Practice

a prepositional phrase is a group of related words that begin with  preposition and end with the object of a preposition.

Kinds of prepositional phrases:
Adjectival or adjective phrase: A prepositional phrase that modifies a noun or pronoun and answers the questions, which one, what kind, how many.

Example: Bob, in room 8, is my brother.
Prepositional phrase: in room 8 - it is telling which Bob the person is talking about. The one in room 8.  That phrase modifies the noun, Bob.

Adverbial or adverb phrase:
A prepositional phrase that modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb and answers the questions, when, where, how, (sometimes, why) and to what extent or degree.  When the adverb phrase answers the questions, when, where, how or why, it will modify the verb in the sentence.  When it answers the question, to what extent or to what degree, it will modify an adjective or another adverb.

Example: In 2001, Mark will celebrate his eighteenth birthday.
Prepositional phrase: In 2001 is telling when Mark will celebrate by modifying the verb, will celebrate.

Example: The paintings are famous for their beauty.
Prepositional phrase: for their beauty is telling, to what extent famous (or why famous), therefore it modifies the predicate adjective, famous and thus it is an adverb prepositional phrase.

Write down the prepositional phrase and what type of prepositional phrase it is.  Write either adjectival or adjective phrase, or adverbial or adverb phrase.

1. Cape Cod in Massachusetts is a favorite vacation spot.
2. Lake Erie has beaches for sunbathers and swimmers.
3. The area has a beautiful view of the lake.
4. After some years, the house was finally ours.
5. According to the Bible, we must love each other.
6. The long months of winter are sometimes dreary.
7. Residents of the city love their busy lives.
8. Relations between the employees and the boss were good.
9. By evening, we will have finished the painting.
10. Come sit beside me.


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