Phrase/Clause Recognition Practice


A phrase is a group of related words that do NOT have a subject and verb.  You have already had practice verb phrases.  Below you will learn how to recognize phrases and clauses.
by the river; to the running brook; the bike trail.

A clause is a group of related words that DO have a subject and verb.
Whenever I ask a questions (subject = I; verb = ask)
Bill likes to jog. (subject = Bill; verb = likes)

There will be more on clauses in the clause section of this practice area.

Review the examples above and then write down whether the following are clauses or phrases.

For example:
the children yelled - clause
into the room - phrase

1. at the store
2. Gina came into the store
3. although I could not play
4. The running water
5. from earlier centuries
6. before a hurricane occurs
7. during the rainy season
8. I took a quick jog
9. after I walked the path
10. through the winter months
11. to do the paper route
12. jumping the rope
13. since airports need room
14. throughout the room
15. will have finished

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