Kinds of Sentences by Function Practice

Definition:  A sentence is a group of related words with a subject and verb that makes sense by itself.

Types of Sentences by Function:

1. Declarative (or telling) sentence - A sentence that is a statement.  It is followed by a period.  Example: Bill gave his report to the teacher.

2. Interrogative sentence - A sentence that is a question.  It is followed by a question mark.  Example: Did you know the answer?

3. Imperative sentence: A sentence that is a command or request.  it is followed by a period.  The subject is always "you" understood.  Example: Close the door.  Please eat your food.

4. Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses a feeling.  It is followed by an exclamation mark or a period.  Example: Wow!  What a great surprise!


Write down the type of each sentence.  There are no end punctuation on these sentences because that may give you the answer.  Decide by the function of the sentence and mark down the end punctuation.

1. Are you aware of the appointment tomorrow
2. Eat your supper
3. Oh, what a beautiful morning
4. Today is my birthday
5. What gifts did you receive for your birthday
6. Pay the bill
7. Shh, don't make any noise
8. Have you finished your homework
9. Debby, turn off the light
10. Brian participated in the baseball tournament

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