Infinitive (Adjective) Recognition Practice

Review: An infinitive is a verb form used as a noun, adjective or adverb.  The infinitive is formed by using the word "to" (not a preposition) and the base of the verb.  Examples: to run, to write, etc.

Adjective Review: Remember that an adjective is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun and answers the questions: which one? what kind? and how many?  An infinitive that acts like an adjective will do the same thing.

After breaking his leg, Dave had many obstacles to overcome.

  •  To overcome is the infinitive and tells which obstacles have to be overcome.  Thus, it modifies the noun, obstacles.

Exercise Directions: Find the infinitives that are acting like adjectives in the following sentences.  Write down the infinitive and then what word it modifies.  (Remember that the word has to be a noun or pronoun.)

1. Who was the first one to land on the moon?
2. It is time to work on that assignment.
3. The frail old lady needed someone to cut her lawn.
4. The club must find a way to solve their financial problems.
5. Is this story a good story to read?
6. The teacher has a long teaching plan to make.
7. Your talent to please others is an asset sometimes.
8. Determination to win will bring the team success.
9. The team's desire to win is very strong.
10. Jen's eagerness to learn is very evident.

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